What is a fridge / refrigerated trailer?

Insulated storage boxes with a built in fridge/ freezer unit for cooling and freezing, generally food & drink. They work on domestic 240v mains and have a range of -35c to +8c

Do I need refrigeration?

A mobile cold store is now essential to comply with today's food hygiene standards in any situation concerned with food storage. Even shot game from shoots must be refrigerated within four hours and again our portable fridge trailers provide the perfect solution.

What does weekend hire consist of?

Our weekend hire consists of delivery on a Friday morning and collection Monday morning or late Sunday. MORE

Should we have to deliver outside of the days you have hired the trailer for there may be an additional charge. Weekday hire is from Monday to Thursday daily. Long term hire available on request.

Can we move the trailer?

The trailer must not be towed or moved without prior consent from the Fridgerate team. All trailers are fitted with anti-theft devices at the time of delivery. Any loss or damage of these items will be charged for. Keys at £5.50. Wheel clamp at £115.00. Hitch locks at £85.00. All prices are subject to not to VAT as we are not VAT registered.

Where can the unit be used?

Anywhere! On grass, or hard ground (hard standing) you don’t even need an electrical supply as we can supply an optional portable generator.

What power supply does a trailer need?

Our trailers run from a 13amp plug or 16amp from a generator. We supply our trailers with 25 meters of cable.

Do the refrigerated trailers have racks or shelving?

Yes the refrigerated trailers and fridge/ freezer units both have shelving/ racks which can be added or removed on request.

Can we tow the trailer ourselves?

No sorry we do not allow self-drive hire. The main reason being insurance coverage.

Is the trailer lockable?

Yes, the back doors are lockable and a wheel clamp lock will be provided for all trailers out on hire. (If lost or damaged a small charge may result, please see terms and conditions.)

Does the trailer have steps?

Yes if available the trailers can be supplied with steps

What sizes are the trailers?

You will find the trailer sizes on the pricing page in the technical specification box.

For more information about what you can fit inside our trailers in real terms; i.e. how many bottles of champaign, please see our blog

What happens if the rear doors shuts whilst i'm inside?

Don't worry there is an emergency exit handle inside.

Are the trailers safe?

Each has been PAT tested, all have internal lighting and a handle on the inside if the door closes. There are no moving parts & all chillers are mounted out of reach.

What about insurance?

You insure the contents, we insure the trailer. But if any damage occurs while on site it’s down to the hirer.

Are the trailers reliable?

All our units are serviced & under 5 years old. We have never had a breakdown but if this should happen we will replace it right away or get the engineer on-site.


Are the trailers easy to use?

Yes! We can pre-chill & set your desired temperature for you, after that nothing needs to be done. We will site it, set it up and supply all power cables and ancillaries required.

The site is very busy and there are many contractors here at once. Will this be an issue?

Not a problem at all, We will work with your site manager & the electricians to ensure safe delivery on schedule.

How far can you deliver a refrigerated trailer?

Fridgerate.co.uk and our partners Refrigeratedtrailer.co.uk cover the whole of the the South-West and most of Southern England. To see how much your delivery will cost please click here