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It’s only a few months away… I know it’s early to talk about it now especially as the days are still getting shorter, but soon it will be spring and we can all look forward to that warmer more exciting time of year – Festival Season!! But first there’s the spring a period when festival organisers are thinking about their mobile catering and refrigeration requirements. So look no further, book with us and have peace of mind that you have refrigeration booked for your event.

Fridgerate - Festival Refrigeration & Cold Storage

Fridgerate – Festival Refrigeration & Cold Storage

Portable cold storage for festivals

With large groups of festival goers on site and many of them camping over two or three days, that’s a lot of hungry mouths to feed! It doesn’t matter if the weather is beautiful and sunny (which is what we hope for this summer!) or a mudbath, all the food for the music-lovers has to be kept cold. Companies may not require year-round cold-storage, so that’s where portable cold-storage and freezers come in!

Mobile catering for events across the country

Festivals by nature aren’t static – which means that suppliers aren’t either. Caterers moving from event to event need storage that can do the same. Refrigerated trailers can be hired for each event as required and can be easily transported from festival to festival. Hiring extra cold storage for seasonal peaks in demand means doing a lot more business when it counts. Ease of use and flexibility of the service are absolutely key.

Refrigerated Trailer Hire

If you are catering or organising a festival this year and are interested in Fridgerate’s cold storage, you can contact the team on 07737774245.

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Fridgerate - Festival Refrigeration & Cold Storage

Fridgerate – Festival Refrigeration & Cold Storage

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