GCS Mobile Fridge Tent – temporary pop-up style cold storage space

Mobile Fridge Tent – a mobile refrigeration cold storage solution perfect for events and industries with temperature controlled products where space and access is limited.

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The GCS’s Mobile Fridge Tent aka cold tent is a new product for the commercial refrigeration market developed by a company in Germany called GCS gastronomie-inventar. The freestanding refrigerated /temperature controlled storage space is for internal or external use and is therefore rain, snow and windproof. It will be available to the UK as a 2.7 m x 2.7 m floor plan. Volume of the tent will 15 cubic meters.

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The mobile fridge tent is constructed from aluminium framed panels covered with a thick PVC flame retardant material described as a ‘cool coat’ insulated double wall. The sturdy panels are easily joined without the use of tools. The isolated pavilion roof sits on top off the aluminium frame

Due to the small dimensions of the mobile fridge tent and its quick pop-up design, the fridge tent can be erected in existing spaces where a refrigerated trailer, reefer or container would not fit or could not be delivered to.

Such examples could be in a warehouse, marquee or exhibition floorspace where space is limited and or where access is limited due to building design, elevators, emergency situations etc. Here at Fridgerate one possible use we can think of could be for emergency refrigeration in small server rooms.

It’s compact and stackable design also allows reduced man power and for good space saving when not in use.

Total weight of tent including shipping box is 170 kg. Total weight of the mobile refrigeration unit is 137kg.

What can you store in a mobile fridge tent?

Anything from palleted goods to beer kegs, supplies for supermarkets such as fruit and veg, even medical supplies.


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Fridge Tent Hire & Sales

Fridge tent hire and sales is exclusively provided by the German company:   http://gastronomie-inventar.de/de/site.php

Fridge Tent dimensions are:

Technical data:

  • Floor area: 270 x 270 cm
  • eaves height: 200 cm
  • crest height: 245 cm
  • outer skin: made out of PVC (opaque) 630 grams, flame retardant
  • Inner skin: white PVC, 520 grams, flame retardant
  • isolation: 30 mm fleece, 300 grams, flame retardant
  • Weight (tent and transportation box) 170 kg
  • passage width: 90 cm
  • passage to stock: 270 cm

Technical data cool aggregate

  • Power supply: 220 V
  • power intake at 40°C
  • Condensation temperature: 7, 9A
  • refrigerant: R 404A
  • cooling power at 5°C: 3500 watt
  • air power: 2100 m3/h
  • control: High quality 3 sensor control unit. Temperature edited down to all 5 minutes and stored up to 1 year. GPS detection and automated failure warning system available.
  • Control of food transportation down to last meter to production.
  • HACCP: fulfilling all standards and control of food down very last meter
  • Sustainability: is a very important part of our concept. our products are 100% recyclable. All parts can be refurbished and will -after the leasing period- recruited to our rental fleet.
  • Weight: 137 kg
  • mass width x height x depth: 80 x 180 x 60 cm

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