Inflatable Cold StorageInflatable cold storage in the UK

Inflatable cold storage is a fairly recent addition to the UK mobile and portable refrigeration market.

Lindstrand Inflatable Cold Room StorageLindstrand inflatable cold storage

Originally founded in the USA, Linstrand is a foremost manufaturer in this market area. Company overview:

Lindstrand USA, Inc. designs and manufactures aerostats, airships, and high-tech inflatable structures for police, military, earth mapping, diamond hunting, mine detecting, and civilian applications. It offers helium and thermal airships or blimps, inflatable hangars and shelters, and decontamination and inflatable cold storage units; inflatable air cell, super pressure, and drop stitch structures; audiovisual domes, and bespoke buildings and permanent roofs. The company also offers inflatable tunnel plugs, flood barriers, and fenders; and custom aerostats and space missions. It serves customers in the United States and internationally. The company was founded in 2004 and is based in South Boston, Virginia.


Using high pressure air cell technology, the canopies are able to provide large amounts of storage space at short notice and are particularly useful in emergency situations. As temporary structures no planning permission is required as of yet.  Available in the UK from Lindstrand Technologies Ltd.

An Air Cell Building is self-supporting and self-erectable using an air fan only, and is a fabric only construction with no hardware. That, in turn, means that the building will pack up into a very small volume for ease of handling and transportation.

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Inflatable cold storage hangerExcerpt from the Lindstrand website:

Inflatable air cell structures are perfect storage and cover facilities: double skin design provides natural insulation and simplifies temperature control. Additionally, an optional Mylar coating can be used on the outer skin to provide a highly reflective coating, which reduces increases in temperature when used in sunny tropic or desert climates.


Inflatable cold room storage hire and sales in the UK.

inflatable cold storage dawsonGo directly to Lindstand for large scale and custom solutions.

Also available from Dawson Rentals – Dawson Group plc 

Call: 01179 373 310


Twitter: @DawsonrentalPCR

Are you looking for a cheap inflatable cold room for a festival or event in the UK? Here I found a cheap ex-rental solution on ebay also from the Dawson Group.

External dims: 4.8m x 6.8m x 2.8m


The Inflatable Cold Store (ICS) is an efficient and flexible solution to almost any cold storage requirement. The unit can be sited internally or externally and offers a practical alternative to traditional container type facilities.  The Inflatable Cold Store is the most flexible cold storage facility available. Deflated, it fits on two pallets, allowing for easy relocating and low transportation costs. It can also be set up in as little as 90 minutes.


Check out this video demonstrating the High Capacity Inflatable Storage from – Dawsonrentals portable cold rooms


Is inflatable cold storage too expensive or too large for you requirements?

How about this brand new edition to the european refrigeration market which will be available to the UK in the coming weeks.
This is the brand new “Fridge Tent” from a German based company called: Gastronomie-Inventar.
Look for our next post to read all about the Fridge Tent.

Click here for Fridge Tent post.


Fridge Tent: pop-up refrigeration

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